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The Clan Card Guide Ebook is an interactive leadership activity for all ages based on the five elements, each having nine different clan animals. People are diverse, possessing individual characters, beliefs, and values, which can make it difficult to comprehend or communicate with one another. In Barbara's ancestors' times, clans - often represented by animals - were used to denote the leadership quality of a group. Each person in the clan also had a quality or gifted strength that would benefit the clan. This game is designed to educate and prompt discussion among large groups.

Can be used to help community brainstorm sessions, or office leadership discussions.

Cards sold separately through the author Barbara Derrick. A set of cards, useful for large groups can be purchased separately for $28.00 by contacting: [email protected]


  • ''I miss reading so much! Thank you Robert for gifting me with this book by Barbara Derrick titled Walking In Your Power- Lessons from the grandmothers. I love the personal message enclosed.''

    Ginewdewewinkwe Maa'iingan Ndoodem Anisinabe

    ''I've met you before. You even signed my book!"

    Tina R

    ''Once I started to read I couldn't put the book down! I sat there on the bus going back to Manitoba after the Elder's event.''

    Robert Levit

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