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The Winning Mindset Formula 

  • What You will get:

    With the "Healthy Boundaries Course" you will receive 1 E-Book, and a 10 video modules where you will create smaller goals to achieve larger more concrete goals. 

    What You'll Learn!

    The only way to beat people-pleasing is to have intense self-discipline, self-respect, and knowledge of your inner voice. Though these items may sound easy on paper, they are extremely difficult to implement, especially for the people-pleaser.Even for those who were not people-pleasers by nature, having the discipline, respect, and knowledge to say no to people can be extremely uncomfortable and awkward. So, it is imperative to set strict rules for yourself and others so that you know how to navigate these awkward situations. The best way to set rules for yourself and others is by creating healthy boundaries.  Boundaries are like invisible fences that you use to separate your feelings, needs, and wants from other people’s feelings, needs, and wants. The benefit of setting boundaries is that you will be able to take back your life, increase your self-esteem, and build healthier relationships with those around you. Unfortunately, many people have no clue how to begin setting healthy boundaries. There are many misconceptions and misinformation about boundary setting, which makes it difficult to know how to begin if you've never done it before. In order to create and enforce effective and healthy boundaries, it is imperative to have the tools and skills for boundary setting. Like any other task, boundary setting takes practice and knowledge.With that being said, I am proud to introduce you to...

    HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. By taking this course you will learn:


    • The definition of boundaries

    • The benefits of setting boundaries

    • The six main types of boundaries

    • Why setting boundaries can be difficult

    • How do define your own boundaries; personal and professionally


    • The three most common boundary resistance techniques

    • How to handle someone who disrespects your boundaries

    • Ways to measure the success of your boundaries

    ''I miss reading so much! Thank you Robert for gifting me with this book by Barbara Derrick titled Walking In Your Power- Lessons from the grandmothers. I love the personal message enclosed.''

    Ginewdewewinkwe Maa'iingan Ndoodem Anisinabe

    ''I've met you before. You even signed my book!"

    Tina R

    ''Once I started to read I couldn't put the book down! I sat there on the bus going back to Manitoba after the Elder's event.''

    Robert Levit

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