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Art Mentorship Program Course Duration: Three packages available

Course Objectives:

To provide emerging artists with personalized guidance and support in developing their artistic skills and careers. To foster a strong mentor-mentee relationship built on trust and open communication. To facilitate skill development and artistic growth. To encourage mentees to build a professional portfolio and gain a better understanding of the art world. To provide opportunities for mentees to exhibit their work and receive critiques.

Course Structure:

Month 1 to 3: Orientation, Goal Setting and Skill Development

Program introduction: mentee expectations, program overview and goal setting.

Four scheduled and regular week classes of 1.5 hours each.

Implement a structured evaluation strategy 

Months 3-6: Skill Development and Artistic Growth

Regular mentor-mentee meetings (e.g., weekly or bi-weekly). Focus on technical skill development in the mentee's chosen medium. Assignments and projects tailored to the mentee's goals and areas for improvement. One-on-one critiques and feedback sessions.

Months 7-12: Portfolio Development and Exhibition Preparation

Continue regular mentor-mentee meetings. Focus on building a professional portfolio, including selection and presentation of artwork. Guidance on preparing for exhibitions or shows, if applicable. Discussions about marketing strategies and career pathways in the art world.

Throughout the Course:

Encourage mentees to attend art-related events (e.g., art fairs, gallery openings). Peer critiques, where mentees can provide feedback on each other's work. Ongoing support for mentees' specific needs and challenges. Mid-course review to assess progress and adjust goals if necessary.

Course Evaluation:

Regular feedback from mentees to assess the effectiveness of the program. Assessment of mentees' progress in terms of skill development and career growth. Feedback on the mentor-mentee relationship and program dynamics.

Additional Considerations:

Clear guidelines and expectations for both mentor and mentee, including issues of confidentiality, respect, and responsibilities. Opportunities for mentees to showcase their work within and outside the program, if possible. Flexibility to adapt the program to changing needs and dynamics. Legal and ethical considerations regarding intellectual property and confidentiality.


Standard for 1 to 3 months

$250 per month

Art students are scheduled for 1.5-hour weekly lessons to assist them build their talent, technique, and evaluation strategy for success.

  • Through Consultation with Barbara Derrick  artists will identify, set specific goals to establish a four week foundation of learning.

  • Technical Skill Building: The mentor provides instruction on specific artistic techniques as indicated by the mentee.The mentee practices these techniques during the week and applies evaluative system.

  • Creative Exploration and Feedback. The mentee presents their work from Week 2, and discuss various creative approaches, styles, and potential projects for the future.

  • Insights on building a portfolio, marketing, and career for further mentorship are discussed after final project is completed.


    2 Month Art & Sales 

    $997 Per Enrollee

    Artists will spend half of this session developing their art and the other half learning how to sell it. Artists are shown how to use the selling method that has made millionaires by learning a sales system that has been used by thousands of entrepreneurs. Barbara shares tips on writing compelling artist statements, how to use dynamic pricing, and how to engage potential buyers.Networking: Students are encouraged to attend art events, join art associations, and connect with other artists in the community. This expands his reach and provides opportunities for collaboration and exposure. Sales Techniques: learn effective sales techniques, such as how to engage with potential buyers, answer their questions, and close sales professionally. She emphasizes the importance of building relationships with collectors and maintaining good customer service.

  • 8-Part Live Art Mentorship Sessions                             

  • 6-Part Live Video Sales Trainin Sessions                      

  • Worksheets and Guides                                                   

  • Ongoing access to a digital suite of the recordings of all video, audio digital components of the course and a Facebook Community.


    6 Month Art & Sales 

    $4997 Per Enrollee

    All of our mentorship programs are tailored to each participant's individual needs and goals. Because not all artists have the same objectives, it is vital to understand their unique objectives. 

    The first half of this session will be spent working on art, and the second half will be spent honing the unique and personalized sales script taught in the "Platinum Package." Our Diamond Package includes a special Art Sales Bootcamp that you won't find anywhere else. You will actively construct and practice your selling script cadence in a group setting with other artists and under the supervision of your mentor. 

  • 12-Part Live Art Mentorship Sessions                            

  • 12-Part Live Sales Bootcamp Session- 100% personalized sales script with weekly LIVE Group Role-Play and Q&A Calls

  • Worksheets and Guides                                                  

  • Ongoing access to the recording all sales video and audio digital components of the course


    GROUP PLAN- Cultural Team Building

    $225 One class for 3 people, then $65 for additional people up to 5 

    (A 2 hour group class)

    Incorporating Indigenous cultural team-building exercises into corporate programs fosters diversity, respect, and unity while deepening participants' understanding of Indigenous heritage and values.

    Pricing: 4 Gold Package #1 is for 3 participants

    Pricing: 4 Gold Package #2 is for 5 participants. For a larger group call us at +1780-717-9534

    Leadership topics available: (Upon consultation we tailor an experience around your chosen topic. Don't see a topic you want, we can customize one for you.)

  • Four Directions and DISC                                                 

  • Language & Sovereignty                                                  

  • The Clan System                                                               

  • Moving Towards a Stronger Future the 13 Moons and 28 Shells of the Turtle

  • ''I miss reading so much! Thank you Robert for gifting me with this book by Barbara Derrick titled Walking In Your Power- Lessons from the grandmothers. I love the personal message enclosed.''

    Ginewdewewinkwe Maa'iingan Ndoodem Anisinabe

    ''I've met you before. You even signed my book!"

    Tina R

    ''Once I started to read I couldn't put the book down! I sat there on the bus going back to Manitoba after the Elder's event.''

    Robert Levit

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