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I have just finished the Art and Sales Platinum program with Barbara. She put together a specialized 8 week course, with some bonus materials she generously gifted me. I am beyond grateful for this mentorship opportunity with Barbara. I have truly invested in myself as an artist and a professional business person. Barbara's calm and kind demeanor made the whole experience extremely enjoyable. I would love to continue working with her in the future and highly recommend anyone who is serious about their own growth as an artist

Andrea Bellegarde-Courchene

Professional Artist

Barbara is an amazing artist and teacher. She creates a very accepting and calm atmosphere for clients to feel comfortable sharing and creating together. As an Occupational Therapist, it was a pleasure connecting with her and observing her skillfully facilitate classes for vulnerable clients with FASD.

Annette Yanken

School Teacher

I have been trying to do art on my own, just for my own pleasure. But taking classes with Barbara has really got me energized, motivated and feeling competent in what I'm doing. No more frustration at not being able to do what I want, I am inspired and motivated by Barbara and her super easy to understand teaching style. I can't believe how easy it is when you have a good teacher!

Janina B

School Teacher

I have taken both beading and painting classes with her and each time I learn more than just about the art, I learn the lessons, I learn the history, I learn about people she teaches you with such a well rounded platform it is phenomenal. Beading I learned patience and precision, I learnt to be confident in myelf and to trust my opinion as I try out new techniques and trends it is such a good experience.With painting (as a perfectionist) I learnt to just let it flow, this is not something you go back and keep fixing it's about creating beauty with what you see in front of you. She taught us alot of different techniques with the brushes, how to make the colors stand out, she taught us about shading, about overlapping paints, and how to stop critically analyzing our work but to see it for what it holds. Acceptance, she will make you fall in love with your work, as you should 💞

Lisa Gladue

Cultural Youth Worker

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